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If you've been Searching for the best NURSING SCHOLARSHIP ABROAD then this article is for you

 In this article you will learn about the best NURSING SCHOLARSHIP ABROAD to help you further your studies.

Of course we all know that NURSING is one of the top study abroad courses due to the inability of proper training and lack of modern facilities in most national and local universities. 

Hence most students find it a privilege to STUDY NURSING ABROAD.

In the United States nurses earn up to $6,129 monthly. In UK nurses earn up to £1,800 per month and in Luxembourg nurses earn up to €4,750 per month.

 Enticing right? Yea if you read carefully you will notice that most countries especially countries abroad don't joke with their nurses. This is because they are so much interested in the health of the masses and that's why the pay their nurses pretty well.


Well many may have many reasons for wanting to study abroad but, notwithstanding there are many advantages of studying abroad especially studying a course like nursing.

Here are few reasons why you need to study nursing abroad;

  • Good learning facilities

  • High possibility of getting a good job after study

  • Sound and good learning environment

  • High possibility of working while studying.

Studying abroad is pretty expensive especially for top courses like nursing. But, no worries as you proceed reading you will find out some nice Scholarships opportunities to help you further your study abroad and fulfill your dreams.

Nursing Scholarships ABROAD



Nurses make a difference Scholarship;

 This is a yearly $1,000 Scholarship given by Cascade healthcare solutions.

This Scholarship is given to any nurse who is currently enrolled in an undergraduate nursing program at a college or University or anyone who is a high school graduate and has been accepted into a school with an undergraduate nursing program.

The Scholarship will be given through an essay contest with a different essay topic yearly.

Any nurse with the best essay as selected by Cascade Scholarship committee will receive the $1,000 Scholarship.

The essay will be assessed based on quality, thoughtfulness and relevance to the topic.


  • This Scholarship is available for current students in an undergraduate nursing degree program.

  • All applicants must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 30.

  • All applicants must be a legal resident of the USA or hold a valid student Visa.

Application Deadline and Award Presentation

The Application deadline is yearly on August 1.

The winner will be notified via email or phone.

The winning applicant must provide proof of enrollment at an undergraduate University.

Sunshine Behavioral Health's Opioid Awareness Scholarship;

Sunshine Behavioral Health's Opioid are currently awarding $500 to students pursuing a health-related degree program.

Areas of study eligible for the Scholarship are; Nursing, Premed, Counseling, Psychology, Social work or any other field relating to substance abuse.


All applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • U.S Citizen or permanent U.S resident 
  • Enrolled or accepted In an accredited college or University and plan to continue enrollment.

The winning candidate must give a digital photograh for display on


Prospective applicants are required to submit an essay focused on the Opioid epidemic in the United States.

To submit an essay contact and send your essay and contact information.

Deadline for submitting essay is December 1

The winner will be notified following the deadline and the award will be accredited to the student's school.

East Tennessee State University Scholarship

East Tennessee State University offers a Scholarship known as international students merit scholarship.

This Scholarship is available to eligible new international students seeking a graduate or undergraduate degree.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Apply for admission to ETSU undergraduate admissions or graduate admissions.
  • Have or plan to have an F-1 or J-1 student Visa.
  • Have a demonstrated record of academic achievement.

Scholarship Value Per Academic Year 

Undergraduate students; up to $12,500 Graduate students; up to $11,500.

Students Ineligible for The Merit Scholarship

  • Second bachelor's degree applicants if previous bachelor's degree was granted by ETSU 

  • Students who receive any other ETSU tuition Scholarship

  • Students who are not in lawful F-1 or J-1 status.

Canada Nursing Scholarships;


Mpower Scholarship for international students;

Mpower offers various Scholarships for international students in Canada to help them sponsor their academy.

 Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must be currently enrolled in a full time degree program at a Canadian school that empower supports.
  • Applicants must be allowed to legally study in Canada.

  • Deadline: October 15

Awards: $5,000, $2,000 $1,000.

Canadian Nurses Foundation Scholarship

The Canadian nurses foundation scholarship provides scholarships opportunity for nursing students in Canada.

  Students are given up to $750 to $10,000 Scholarship award.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.
  • Must be enrolled in nursing program in Canada.

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